18 February 2013

Losing interest

I am losing interest in everything. I have been doing the basics but nothing more. While I did do some things this past weekend only one of them was a thing I wanted to do.  

I can't be bothered cooking. I didn't even wash clothes this weekend. 

I don't read anymore. Even sitting waiting for appointments when I always read, I don't. 

I struggle to sleep. I push myself into bed when I am so tired I can hardly move. 

I have been avoiding talking to people. Made myself go talk to dear friend today, had a reason but still had to force myself to go and then felt bad for bothering her. 

Feeling like a burden to all involved again. 

Grinding my teeth again. I have been in agony all day. It hadn't been as bad for the last few weeks. 

Tears are stuck again. 

So much pressure in my head. 

Tension is making my body ache all the time. 

I can't even be bothered watching things I like on tv. I have it on but don't actually watch it. 

I am even starting to struggle with my online groups, completely abandoning one group that I previously loved. 

Hearing words over and over in my head tonight and having sensations. 

Would like to go sit in the shower but I can't be bothered. 

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